Georgette De Salvo

Administrative Assistant

Georgette De Salvo serves as Administrative Assistant in the Tampa office. She directly supports both the Vice President and the Program Director, who work within our Student Success and Early Childhood initiatives in Florida. Ms. De Salvo oversees all of the Foundation’s community event sponsorships and membership investments, and manages reception area duties as well.

Ms. De Salvo hails from New York City, and graduated with her BA in English from the City University of New York. Upon graduation, she obtained a position in the education-focused Edwin Gould Foundation, where she found her passion to increase educational equity could be carried out through the philanthropic sector. Upon her relocation to Florida, she obtained her current position at Helios, where she has enjoyed working for over 11 years.

Ms. De Salvo volunteers with Powerstories Theatre of Tampa Bay, a nonprofit theatre that seeks, shares and stages true stories, giving special emphasis on works by and for women and girls.