Postsecondary Completion

Creating Opportunities for Postsecondary Completion

As a gateway to intellectual growth and diverse careers, postsecondary education including certificates, licenses and college degrees, opens the door to opportunities. Individuals who attain a higher level of education tend to have higher incomes, pay more taxes, are less likely to be unemployed, require fewer state supported services, save more for retirement, and in general live longer. Postsecondary education also provides the kind of skills and knowledge that are vital to success in today's global economy including the ability to create, innovate and think critically to solve complex challenges.

Despite the clear benefits of postsecondary education, many full-time Arizona and Florida students fail to earn a credential. In Arizona, only 15 percent of full-time students earn a two-year degree within three years and less than 60 percent complete a four-year degree in six years. In Florida, 18 percent of full-time students complete a two-year degree within three years and 65 percent complete a four-year degree within six years. High remediation rates, 59 percent in Arizona and 54 percent in Florida, are a leading deterrent to postsecondary completion.

Helios believes that by providing students with academic supports critical to persistence, and aligning supports and systems leading to careers, increasing numbers of underserved students will attain a postsecondary degree or certificate. As a result, we contribute our leadership, expertise, partnership and resources to:

  • Structure Supports to Facilitate Successful Transition to Credit Bearing Courses

    We will work to help students complete developmental education and successfully transition to credit-bearing work through structured supports that enable them to "catch up" while pursuing a degree or certificate.

  • Construct Scholarships to Support Persistence and Completion

    We will support innovative scholarship structures and designs with the potential to improve persistence and completion.

  • Focus Supports and Guidance on Certificate and Degree Pathways

    We will focus supports and guidance on certificate and degree pathways leading to meaningful careers so that the path of study is directly tied to career opportunities.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education.

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