College and Career Readiness

Advancing Academic Preparedness and Fostering a College-Going Culture

By facilitating rigorous, high-expectation academic environments and promoting the development of a college-going culture, Helios Education Foundation believes more Arizona and Florida students will graduate prepared for college and career and pursue postsecondary education.  Building on our lessons learned, internal expertise and research from the field, we promote academic rigor and college-going opportunities for all students.  Our College and Career Readiness investments are informed by research-based strategies and practices that improve student performance and result in improved college and career readiness. 

The Foundation's priority is to partner strategically and invest our knowledge, expertise and resources to:

  • Improve Academic Rigor and Relevance

    We increase academic rigor, relevance and engagement through programs of study which challenge all students, prepare them to achieve their personal and professional goals, meet postsecondary education requirements and address 21st Century needs.  Helios works to enhance the skills and expertise of teachers, leaders and counselors who embody a commitment to academic rigor, college-going opportunities and high expectations for all students. 

  • Foster High-Expectation, College-Going Cultures

    We work to embed high-expectation, college-going cultures across educational systems and communities to improve academic performance and increase access to postsecondary information and opportunities for all students.  In doing so, we facilitate the alignment of student academic supports leading to improved college- and career-readiness, as well as increased college knowledge and academic skills among all students and families.  Furthermore, we seek to actively engage families, schools and communities in the academic success of all Arizona and Florida students.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education.

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