Waiting for Superman To Open in Select Theaters around the Country

Posted on: September 30, 2010

The statistics are staggering: among 30 developed countries, the U.S. is ranked 25th in math and 21st in science. Literacy is the number-one predictor of a child's ability to succeed in school. In fact, the majority of kids who read below grade level in first grade will most likely still read below grade level in the fourth grade and may never catch up. Now, a new documentary film dares to shed light on the country’s educational system and hopes to spark a social action wave aimed at ensuring a quality educational system for every student in the country.

Being called a powerful, passionate and potentially revolutionary documentary, Davis Guggenheim’s film, Waiting for Superman, opens across the country throughout October and asserts that every American child deserves a good public-school education. Through his film, Guggenheim, who is also the filmmaker of An Inconvenient Truth, argues that the fate of our country won't be decided on a battlefield, but in the classroom. One of the film’s primary goals is to trigger a nationwide social action campaign focused on ensuring that every child receives a great education.

Helios Education Foundation helped sponsor a private screening of the film in Phoenix, Arizona in late September in partnership with the Arizona Community Foundation and other community action social partners, including Expect More Arizona, Stand for Children and the Valley of the Sun United Way.

The Waiting for Superman social action campaign seeks to build public awareness, ignite personal involvement and inspire real social change and is centered on four core initiatives:

  • Setting academic standards that are on par with the world's best
  • Recruiting and rewarding great teachers
  • Creating and nurturing excellent schools, and
  • Increasing literacy rates

The campaign has created toolkits for educational reform that help parents, teachers, students, schools and the community at large take better charge of ensuring that students get a quality education. For more information on the film, including movie theater locations and the social action campaign, visit


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