Helios Education Foundation Sends Five Arizona Student Delegates to NBC News' "Education Nation" Summit at the New York City Public Library

Posted on: October 4, 2013

Helios Education Foundation, in partnership with Be a Leader Foundation, is sending five Arizona student delegates to participate in NBC News' "Education Nation" Summit at the New York City Library in New York City this weekend.  

The national Summit is a culmination of the 2013 Education Nation Tour which stopped in Phoenix in May, 2013.  At the event in Phoenix, policymakers, education leaders, teachers and students came together to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing education in Arizona.  Key topics such as early literacy, school funding, workforce preparedness, teacher training and student engagement were discussed. 

"We are looking forward to continuing the conversation, started in May, at the National Summit this weekend,"  said Paul J. Luna, President and CEO, Helios Education Foundation.  "We also know that it is critical to include students in any conversation related to education.  We need to hear their thoughts and perspectives as they are the most important beneficiaries of a strong education system." 

This year's Education Nation theme focuses on "What It Takes" for us as a nation, to ensure students are successfully prepared for college, career and beyond, and will focus on student and teacher voices and stories throughout to frame the conversation.  Leading experts and stakeholders - from parents and teachers, to policymakers and employers -  will delve into critical factors that impact students' chances of success - including:  well-trained teachers; access to higher education; active parenting; community support; early education; safe learning environments; attention to personal learning; high standards; and workforce readiness. 

The student delegates from Arizona will participate in the "Student Town Hall" moderated by Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC Host, on Sunday, October 6.  They are all sophomores in high school and participate in Be a Leader Foundation programs.  All of them have strong academic aspirations and are leaders among their peers.  The following is a list of the student delegates:

  • Socorro BarraganNieves (Franklin Police & Fire High School, Phoenix)
  • Esther Avila Rodriguez (Carl Hayden High School, Phoenix)
  • Epimenio Negrete Jr. (North High School, Phoenix)
  • Jasmine Betancourt (Mesa High School, Mesa)
  • Yaqub Elmi (Red Mountain High School, Mesa)

"Our students are thrilled to have been selected by Helios and NBC News to participate in this conversation," said Melissa Trujillo, President and CEO, Be a Leader Foundation.  "They are looking forward to sharing their perspective on what it takes for students to succeed.  In addition, this experience will expose them to a once in a lifetime national education conversation.  Not only will this be our students' first time in New York City but for some of them, this will be their first time on an airplane."

Click here to view the events via livestream.  This year's Summit will stream live online at and the NBC News YouTube Channel.  Click here to learn more about the Education Nation Phoenix event last May and view videos of the events. 



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