Why You Should Vote YES on Prop 123

Author: Vince Roig, Founding Chairman and Paul J. Luna, President and CEO

April 28, 2016

One of Helios Education Foundation’s fundamental beliefs is that education is an investment and not an expense. As Arizonans consider the future of our state, we have an important decision to make about investing in our future through Proposition 123. We believe that the decision we make on May 17 will determine the education trajectory of our state. It will determine whether we are on a path forward or taking steps backward. 

Helios Education Foundation supports the passage of Proposition 123 as a first step toward resetting base-level K-12 funding for Arizona’s public schools. A Yes vote on May 17 will put new money into our schools immediately and allocate $3.5 billion to schools over the next 10 years. Our teachers and schools need those funds now to help ensure they can meet the educational needs of Arizona’s students. There is no other viable first step option and we simply cannot wait for another solution. The passage of Proposition 123 is too important to education and we cannot let it fail.

While Proposition 123 has earned overwhelming support from education, business and children’s advocacy organizations, we know that it is not the long-term funding solution that will meet the academic needs of our students. It does not propose to solve our education funding problems, nor will it. Proposition 123 settles the inflation funding lawsuit that has been pending for five years. It allows Arizona to put the lawsuit behind us and get money into schools immediately. It is a compromise – but it is a compromise that is in the best interest of the students sitting in classrooms today. Our schools need these resources today to keep our students on track for success in college and career.

In addition to voting yes on May 17, however, it is equally important that we hold our elected leadership accountable for ensuring that this is indeed a first step and not positioned as the complete solution to creating equitable funding for Arizona. We must demand that Arizona secures a long-term funding strategy that provides adequate resources for schools and ensures the economic growth and development of our state. 

Thank you for your support of education and for your commitment to ensuring Arizona’s students are prepared for success in college and career. Our state is stronger when our schools and communities are strong; we will get there together by voting Yes on Proposition 123. 

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