[Video] Ready Now Yuma - Promoting a College Going Culture in Arizona

Author: Helios Education Foundation

March 10, 2016

Click below to view a short video about Ready Now Yuma and learn more about how Helios and Yuma Union High School District are working together toward college and career readiness for all Yuma students.   

Arizona and Florida students are entering a rapidly changing, knowledge-based, global economy.  The vast majority of jobs for which they will compete will require some form of postsecondary education or training.  As a result, the birth-12 education systems must prepare all students for success in college and career.  Yet, research tells us that only 28 percent of college instructors believe public high schools adequately prepare graduates to meet the expectations they will face in college.

College readiness is defined as the ability of graduates to enter and complete credit-bearing college courses without remediation.  However, nearly 60 percent of Arizona and Florida students entering college require remediation or developmental education.  Instructors also report that in addition to poor work and study habits, too many entering students do not have the ability to think analytically, conduct research or solve problems.    

Helios Education Foundation believes that increasing the college and career readiness of students requires improving academic preparedness and fostering high-expectation, college-going cultures within schools and communities.  As a result, Helios promotes academic rigor and college-going opportunities for all students. 

One of our most strategic investments in the area of college and career readiness is Ready Now Yuma, a partnership between Helios Education Foundation and Yuma Union High School District in Yuma, Arizona. 

Click here to learn more about Ready Now Yuma. 
Click here to read more about Helios Education Foundation's College and Career Readiness Theory of Change and view the sources of the data presented above. 

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