Using National Student Clearinghouse Data for Student Success

Author: Michelle Boehm, Analytics and Evaluation Director

April 12, 2019

What is the National Student Clearinghouse?  

The National Student Clearinghouse is a nonprofit national high education data collaborative whose mission is to serve the education community through facilitating the exchange and understanding of higher education data. Currently, the Clearinghouse tracks information for over 98% of all college enrollees nationally and is the only source for nationwide student outcomes data.

By taking advantage of information provided by the Clearinghouse (e.g., student college enrollment and performance), individuals like researchers, educators, funders and college access professionals can make more informed decisions to better serve students and communities.

How can my institution or organization benefit from National Student Clearinghouse data?

The National Student Clearinghouse StudentTracker® tool can be used to track student outcomes and inform efforts to bolster student success. Information provided through StudentTracker® can answer a number of questions that may interest stakeholders who work with students or schools. These questions include:

• How many high school graduates enroll in college?

• How many high school graduates persist and graduate from college?

• How long does it take students to get their degree?

• Do students go in or out of state for college?

• What types of postsecondary institutions do students attend (i.e., 2-year or 4-year, private or public)?

• Which colleges do students most frequently attend?

• How many students transfer? To what types of institutions do they transfer?

How does Helios Education Foundation use Clearinghouse data?

Helios Education Foundation utilizes Clearinghouse data to examine the impact of its College Knowing & Going initiative, a program that implements college access interventions across 18 Arizona school districts. Supports include no-cost ACT testing to all juniors, FAFSA and college application completion assistance, and data access training for counselors and community members. Analysis of Clearinghouse data enables the Foundation to monitor postsecondary access and persistence rates of students in participating districts.

In sum, National Student Clearinghouse data can be an excellent resource for a variety of stakeholders in tracking student postsecondary success and informing research, policy and programs. For more information related to the National Student Clearinghouse and StudentTracker®, click here.

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