Success in Career Begins in Classroom

Author: Helios Education Foundation

February 1, 2017

A student’s journey through formal education often begins with the primary colors and bright smiles associated with kindergarten classrooms. While, at the opposite end of the formal education spectrum, the student receives his diploma after a ceremonious walk across the stage and turning of a tassel.

While those bookmarks are significant, success in career and life is based on what happens between those two milestones - quality instruction, curriculum that leads to deeper understanding as well as engagement with, and encouragement from a community of educators. The critical formative years from kindergarten through 12th grade lead Helios Education Foundation to partner with organizations such as SEED School Miami, Take Stock In Children, and local school districts (as pictured above) to ensure students in Florida, particularly first-generation, minority and underrepresented students receive a high-quality education, regardless of their zip code.

The delivery of instruction is as critical to student success as the content of the instruction. Given that understanding, Helios supports innovative approaches to student success as modeled by SEED School Miami.  SEED School Miami is South Florida’s only public, college preparatory boarding school where students live at school from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. The structure provided by the boarding environment immerses students in academic and social learnings based on the traits of perseverance, self-confidence and self-discipline.

On a broader scale, Helios seeks to influence student success and enhance the number of individuals in the state who complete a postsecondary degree by partnering with Take Stock in Children, an organization that engages low-income, academically qualified students by providing them an opportunity to complete a postsecondary education. Additionally, Helios collaborates with school districts in Florida’s largest metropolitan areas of Tampa, Orlando and Miami on project-driven initiatives that ensure more teachers receive professional development in order to provide students a deep understanding of curriculum, preparing them for success in career and life.  

Supporting students during the critical and formative years between kindergarten and 12th grade are fundamental to changing lives and strengthening communities.

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