State Board of Education Adopts New Florida Standards

Author: Helios Education Foundation

February 25, 2014

Recently, Florida’s State Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt new student performance standards, called the Florida Standards, in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. In addition, the Florida Standards also encompass history and science.

Helios Education Foundation supports the adoption and implementation of the standards along with rigorous, aligned assessments. The Foundation believes these higher academic standards will make a world class education available to all students and ultimately prepare them to succeed in college and career. 

“We are excited that Florida has adopted these higher standards to help raise the bar for our students,” said Dr. Stacy Carlson, Helios Education Foundation’s Vice President and Program Director, Florida Transition Years.  “The Florida Standards will empower teachers to design local curricula that will ensure all students have the critical-thinking skills and knowledge necessary to compete and succeed in a knowledge-based global economy”.

“The new Florida Standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics are much more rigorous than the prior standards and will help students progress systematically from one concept to the next,” said Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez, Vice President, Educational Practice at Helios Education Foundation.  “Additionally, the standards will prepare more students to master higher level concepts and courses, especially in mathematics.  This advanced preparation will enable students to pursue the career path of their choice as they move forward in the 21st century workforce.”

Click here to learn more from the Florida Department of Education.

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