Reflections on Election Day

Author: Helios Education Foundation

November 6, 2018

If you can read a ballot….thank an educator.

If you can ask thoughtful questions that lead to better understanding…thank an educator.

If you can express your point while respecting those that do not share your opinion…thank an educator.

While lines may be long and civility short on this Election Day, there are numerous lessons to learn as voters cast their ballots. Reading for comprehension empowers individuals to have a voice in, and an influence upon, the growth of their community; critical thinking gives voters discernment to enact, or not, impactful ideas, and, lastly, the fact that “we the people” cast a vote is – above all - a lesson in civics. 

While a great deal of attention rightly centers on today’s activities, lessons continue as we move beyond today’s ballot items. 

The work of ensuring a high-quality education for all students, regardless of zip code, remains a priority so that on days like today, days when our citizenry exemplifies the ‘will of the people’, discerning research and internal guideposts are the measures tabulated on election night. An education that expands individual thinking to inform and influence is the highest form of power. 

The underpinnings of a high-quality education culminate in actions such as voting but are reflected in our communities daily by informed discussions, collective impact that solves local challenges, and continued focus on elevating all students to reach their full potential. 

As we reflect on Election Day, let the lessons that drive so many to action today not be lost the remainder of the year. 

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