Proposition 123: A First Step

Author: Vince Roig, Founding Chairman and Paul J. Luna, President and CEO

May 20, 2016

As the final results of the special election have come in, Helios is pleased that the years-long, inflationary, K-12 funding lawsuit between the legislature and our public schools has been settled and that more than $3.5 billion will be infused into our schools over the next 10 years.  The passionate discussion over the past few weeks is an indication that education is a priority in our State and Arizonans have sent a clear message to our elected leaders that we care about how our education system is funded.

However, the passage of Prop 123 is only the first step.  Now, we must focus our attention on ensuring that we have an appropriate, sustainable and equitable funding system, from birth through postsecondary education.  We call upon our elected leadership to find a long-term solution to this challenge. Helios is committed to being your partner in that endeavor.

One of Helios’ fundamental beliefs is that education is an investment and not an expense.  All of us must embrace this belief and invest in the future of Arizona; we must agree to a common goal for our State’s K-12 education system and hold that system accountable to meeting that goal.  

Our education system should be focused on preparing every student for college and career success, and once that goal is in place, funding must support that goal in the best interest of our children, schools and communities. 

Thank you to all of you, our partners, and especially to the leadership of the education community and Governor Ducey for leading the charge to fund our schools now. Let’s build on this momentum, find long-term funding solutions for education and work to ensure that every child in Arizona receives a high quality education.

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