Nearly 30,000 Arizona Students Taking ACT Exam Today

Author: Helios Education Foundation

April 19, 2016

Today, 29,774 Arizona students are taking a critical step on the path toward postsecondary education.  These students are taking the ACT exam which helps determine how prepared they are for college and career success. The test administration is part of Helios Education Foundation’s College Knowing & Going initiative. 

The ACT exam is a curriculum-based measure of college readiness which is defined as the level of achievement a student needs to enroll and succeed in first year college courses.  The ACT is one of the most commonly accepted college-entrance exams and is used for acceptance to all three Arizona universities.

In 2009, Helios started a partnership with eight school districts to provide the exam, at no cost to the student, to all juniors in the partner districts.  Helios provides funding for the majority of the exam and the school districts themselves cover the remaining costs.  Over the past seven years, more than 120,000 students have taken the exam as part of this partnership.  Providing the ACT to students throughout the state of Arizona is part of Helios Education Foundation’s broader effort to ensure more high school graduates are prepared to enter the workforce or take credit-bearing courses without remediation.

Today, the 29,774 students taking the exam represent 83 schools in 18 districts throughout the state.  They are taking the exam as part of their regular school day and don’t have to pay the nearly $40 to take the exam. Helios views the ACT exam as a critical step in helping students plan for postsecondary success. It will provide students with individualized information around college and career readiness by subject.  And, it will provide students with an opportunity to think about their career aspirations, consider postsecondary opportunities, and be eligible for need-based financial aid.

“Increasing access to the ACT helps foster a college-going culture within our partner school districts,” said Paul J. Luna, President and CEO, Helios Education Foundation.  “It helps to put the emphasis on college and career readiness and not just high school graduation as the end goal.” 

By including the exam as part of the school day and covering the cost, this partnership helps reduce barriers that students face in taking the necessary steps on the path toward postsecondary completion.

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