National College Signing Day Profile: Kaye-Drew Gayle

Author: Kaye-Drew Gayle

April 24, 2018

As we approach National College Signing Day, Helios Education Foundation is excited to share stories of success as conveyed by college students who are experiencing the transformational power of education. 

By Kaye-Drew Gayle, Florida International University Student 

 On February 13th my father was rushed to the ICU at Jackson Memorial Hospital after being electrocuted while working for PIKE. Before the paramedics arrived, his co-workers performed CPR as he was unconscious thus unresponsive. They believed that he would have either been paralyzed for life or pass away. With divine intervention and after undergoing five surgeries which included plastic surgery and the removal of a portion of his finger, I can happily report that my father is alive and well. 

This entire experience did not only affect my family emotionally but also financially. FAFSA covered my tuition but my housing balance remained outstanding. We managed to pay off the charges for February and March but a lot of bills including rent and school related fees for my siblings made April’s payment seemingly unattainable. On April 4th I logged on to to review the outstanding charges and to my surprise, there were no charges. At first, I thought I was hallucinating so I checked the account summary. That is when I realized that I was a recipient of the Helios first-generation scholarship. Grateful is an understatement! In years past, college was just an idea and being able to pay for college was merely a figment of my imagination. Thanks to the Helios Education Foundation, I am one step closer to obtaining a degree in Elementary Education and becoming an even more positively impactful contributor to society. 

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