National College Signing Day Profile: Angela Melchor

Author: Angela Melchor

April 10, 2018

As we approach National College Signing Day, Helios Education Foundation is excited to share stories of success as conveyed by college freshmen who are experiencing the transformational power of education. 

By: Angela Melchor, Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund of Metro Orlando

The transition from high school to college is such a significant milestone but can also be considered difficult for some. It can be challenging in the sense that when I first made this big transition I didn’t truly understand how nerve-wrecking it would be until I had to start over and build new friendships, make a presence for myself in a classroom of hundreds, and learn to become independent in this unfamiliar environment. 

Although hard at first, I learned getting out of my comfort zone and putting an effort in becoming more outgoing had made all the difference in my experiences as a college freshman. This allowed me to become more engaged in club activities, where I would meet some of my closest friends, help me make myself known to my professors, and also open many doors of opportunity. Learning about the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund of Metro Orlando (HHSFMO) was one of the many wonderful opportunities that I encountered. Being a recipient of this scholarship not only provided tuition money but also allowed me invaluable experiences and interactions that, if anything I have learned from my freshman year of college, is important to cherish because it's these moments that are the most impactful.  

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