Nation's Report Card: Students Aren't Ready for College and Career Success

Author: Helios Education Foundation

May 12, 2014

New scores from the Nation’s Report Card were recently released detailing the math and reading performance of high school seniors in 2013.  According to the report, reading and math scores for 12th grade students have remained mostly unchanged since 2009.   The study includes a national-representative sample of 92,000 twelfth-graders, including those from 13 pilot states who voluntarily participated in the assessment.   Florida was one of the states participating in this pilot. 

Nationwide, only one in four high school seniors is at or above proficient in mathematics.   Students scored slightly better in reading with 38% being at or above proficient. 

“While it is encour aging that the scores did not dramatically decrease, we can’t be satisfied with the status quo when, nationally, only 26% of our high school seniors are proficient in math,” said Stacy Carlson, Vice President and Program Director, Florida Transition Years.  “These students are leaving the K-12 system and either entering a postsecondary education program or entering the workforce and it is clear by this research that they don't have the basic tools necessary for success.”  

In Florida, only 19% of high school seniors are at or above proficient in mathematics, compared with 24% nationwide.   In reading, Florida students are on par with their national peers in that 31% are proficient and 5% are advanced.  However, when looking specifically at the Hispanic population, Florida students’ scores in reading were higher than the national average with 35% of Hispanic 12th graders scoring at or below proficient compared to the national average of 22%.   While all of the numbers need to be higher, Florida is making strides in raising the achievement of Hispanic students. 

“The Florida data, specifically, does have some good news,” said Carlson.  “We have made progress in closing the achievement gap as our Hispanic students are outperforming Hispanic students in other states.  That is a positive step in the right direction.”

Click here for more information on the Nation's Report Card.


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