Helios Is Thankful for Partnership

Author: Helios Education Foundation

November 21, 2018

Helios Education Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals in Arizona and Florida to succeed in postsecondary education. As a result, we strategically partner to ensure more students are academically prepared at every stage of the education continuum—from early learning through postsecondary education—and ultimately, graduate ready for college and career.

At Helios, we have much for which to be thankful. 

We are fortunate to be part of education communities in both states that are focused on student success.  

We are thankful for our partners and appreciate their collaboration and dedication to helping improve the education in Arizona and Florida. 

And, we are appreciative of the opportunities presented in each state to have an imprint upon student success and play a small role in changing lives through education. 

In Arizona our focus is on Latino Student Success where Latinos are the fastest growing demographic group and make up the largest proportion of students in Arizona’s public schools. The educational attainment of Latino students will determine our state’s economic future. Simply put, Latino Student Success is Arizona’s future success. 

 “As a Foundation, we know increasing Latino student success across the educational continuum, with the ultimate goal of ensuring all students are ready to succeed in postsecondary education or the workforce, is not something that can be done by one entity,” said Vince Yanez, Senior Vice President, Arizona Community Engagement. “That is why Helios is working with partners across Arizona to increase outcomes at all levels of the education continuum. From business, to education, to government, the only way we will achieve our mission is by collaborating with strategic partners.” 

Helios Education Foundation supports student success in Florida with the implementation of our Florida Regional Student Success Initiative, which focuses on three metropolitan regions of the state - Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. Collectively these metropolitan regions represent the largest percentage of first-generation, low-income, and minority student populations. 

Through strategic investing, building and reforming systems, public and political will building, and collaborating and convening, the foundation seeks to ensure more students are prepared to pursue and complete a postsecondary degree. These strategies are implemented across the education continuum, starting with Early Grade Success, continuing through College and Career Readiness and on to Postsecondary Completion.

“Working within three very different metropolitan regions, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, we focus on advancing the lives of first-generation, minority, and underrepresented students through education,” said Charles Hokanson, Vice President, Florida Community Engagement. “We are fortunate to have collaborations that improve outcomes for Florida’s students with key partners who are also intently focused on elevating student success.” 

During this season of thanks, Helios Education Foundation is sincerely appreciative to all our partners for your collaboration and focus on improving education. Alongside partners, Helios will accomplish our mission of enriching the lives of individuals in both Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education. 

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