Grantee Perception Survey

Author: Helios Education Foundation

August 29, 2016

Recently, Helios Education Foundation, in partnership with the Center for Effective Philanthropy, conducted a Grantee Perception Survey.  Our goal for this survey was to assess the effectiveness of our work in the community as well as evaluate our relationships with our funded partners.  Helios recognizes the importance of evaluation, both in projects and initiatives we fund as well as in our working relationships with partners. 

“Evaluation is critical to the success of any philanthropic organization,” said Paul Perrault, Helios Education Foundation’s Vice President and Director of Research and Evaluation.  “And it is equally important that the evaluation is objective and uses scientific methodology to ensure accurate and relevant results. The Center for Effective Philanthropy helps organizations like ours ensure that we are getting honest and useful feedback from our grantees.” 

The results of the survey provide Helios with comparative, candid and comprehensive feedback based on the perceptions and anonymous responses of our funded partners.  More than 90 organizations were asked to participate and fill out a survey to assess Helios’ effectiveness and working relationships. 

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • Across most measures in the survey, grantees rated Helios more positively than grantees of most other surveyed funders.
  • Helios was rated higher than typical for its impact on grantees’ fields, communities and organizations.
  • Grantee ratings trended higher than in 2013 (the last time we did a similar survey) for most measures throughout the report, and grantees rated the Foundation’s field impact and understanding of social, cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting their work significantly higher compared to 2013.
  • Helios was rated in the top 20 percent of funders for the Foundation’s strength of relationships with grantees, as well as the helpfulness of the organization’s selection and reporting/evaluation processes.
  • Based on grantee input, Helios will build upon non-monetary assistance when appropriate for grantees needing field-focused or comprehensive assistance beyond the grant.

This feedback, along with other information from the full report, will help guide Helios as we refine our work and strengthen our relationships with community partners. 

“One of Helios’ fundamental beliefs is that we will achieve our mission through partnership and collaboration,” said Paul J. Luna, President and CEO.  “We recognize the importance of our funded partners and realize that we could not do our work without their passion and commitment.  We appreciate the feedback provided on this survey and will continue to solicit input as we collectively work  to ensure that more students in Arizona and Florida are prepared for success in college and career.” 

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