Florida Continues To Lead The Nation In State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Access To Four-Year Olds

Author: Michelle Boehm, Research and Evaluation Analyst

June 13, 2017

According to the State of Preschool Report recently released by the National Institute for Early Education Research, enrollment in state-funded pre-kindergarten programs in the United States rose to a record high in 2015-2016. Nationally, 32% of four-year-olds and 5% of three-year-olds were served by these programs.

The State of Preschool Report profiles state-funded preschool programs in the United States, including individual state rankings. While Florida led the nation in state pre-kindergarten enrollment, its relatively low rankings in both quality and spending continue to underscore areas of significant need.

Resources:  Pre-K state funding increased slightly from the previous year; however, Florida continues to rank toward the bottom nationally in spending.

Ranked 40th in the nation and down one spot from the 2014-2015 school year, Florida spent an average of $2353 per child in 2015-2016 - an increase of only $45 from the previous year (inflation adjusted). This was over $2000 less than the national average. Additionally, Florida ranked 43rd in the nation for all reported spending on pre-K (i.e., local, state, and federal funding), down two spots from the previous year.

Access: Florida continues to lead the nation in pre-kindergarten access to four-year-olds.

Florida ranked 2nd in the nation in pre-kindergarten access for four-year-olds, serving 76% of eligible children. While this is a noteworthy, Florida does not provide state-funded pre-kindergarten to three-year-olds.

Quality:  Thirty percent of new quality benchmarks were met.

Florida met only three of ten new quality benchmarks for its pre-kindergarten program. Areas for improvement include teacher training and credential requirements, staff-child classroom ratios and vision, hearing and health screenings and referrals.

According to the US Census Bureau, more than a quarter of Florida children five years of age and younger live in poverty. Helios Education Foundation believes that access to a high-quality early learning environment is crucial in a child’s development. With a large number of three- and four-year-olds living in poverty, the condition of Florida’s pre-kindergarten programs underscore the significant need to address both quality and spending through policies and programs. By prioritizing early childhood education, Florida will increase student success in school and beyond.

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