FAFSA February Helps Students Get Cash for College

February 19, 2014

With the cost of college increasing, more and more students rely on financial aid to help pay for a college education.  In 2010-2011, the total cost of attendance for in-state students living on campus at a public four-year college was $20,100.  At a private, non-profit college, the cost was $39,800 and at  a for-profit institution, the cost was $30,100.  Community colleges remain the most inexpensive option, especially for those who lived with their families.  Those students paid, on average, $7,900.   It is estimated that 85 percent of students rely on some form of financial aid.

For many students, first generation in particular, financial considerations can be a barrier to completing a postsecondary credential.  In many cases, they have fewer resources to pay for college and may have additional financial obligations to consider.  In addition, many first generation students are uninformed about the availability and accessibility of financial aid.

In order to help overcome this barrier, both Arizona and Florida are participating in a national initiative called College Goal Sunday and Saturday TOO! which provides the opportunity for students to get free help from financial aid professionals in filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Filling out the FAFSA is a critical first step for any student looking for financial aid to help pay for their postsecondary education.  Nearly $8 out of every $10 in student financial aid requires a FAFSA.   

College Goal Sunday and Saturday TOO! takes place on Saturday and Sunday, February 22nd and 23rd .  Numerous sites throughout Arizona and Florida will host workshops to provide students and families much needed assistance in navigating the student financial aid process.  

As a Foundation focused on creating opportunities for individuals in Arizona and Florida to succeed in postsecondary education, Helios is focused on helping students break down barriers to postsecondary completion.  Events like College Goal Sunday and Saturday TOO! provide students with the necessary resources and support to help navigate the financial aid process and ultimately open doors to meaningful career opportunities.     

Click here to find a location near you in Arizona. 

Click here to find a location near you in Florida.


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