Experts Caution - When Lobbying Lawmakers, Trust Is Difficult to Earn and Easy to Lose

Author: Don Harris, Arizona Association of School Business Officials

October 26, 2016

Establishing relationships and maintaining your integrity are key elements in attempting to lobby and influence state legislators. That message was stressed by a premier lineup of lobbyists with successful track records at the Arizona Capitol. They provided AASBO members with an overview of how the legislative process works and what to expect while promoting one side or the other of an education-related issue. The pre-conference workshop prior to the opening of AASBO’s 63rd Annual Summer Conference and Expo in Tucson was organized by Chuck Essigs, AASBO Director of Government Relations.

Th e panelists were: Janice Palmer, Randie Stein, Meghaen and Marcus Dell’ Artino and Geoff Esposito, Director of Policy and Programs for Expect More Arizona, which co-sponsored the event with AASBO. After Esposito walked attendees through the basics of life at the Capitol, including an explanation of often-used terms, Palmer, Vice President and Director of Policy for Helios Education Foundation, told how to become part of the legislative process.

Click here to download a full recap of the discussion.

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