Expect More Arizona Celebrates 10 Years of Supporting Education as a Top Priority

Author: Helios Education Foundation

November 18, 2019

Just over ten years ago, Expect More Arizona was born.  The goal was to create a movement that would change the culture and make Arizona an education state in which all students have the chance to realize their full potential. 

“What started as a marketing campaign more than ten years ago, is now a movement that has changed the culture in our state,” said Paul J. Luna, President and CEO of Helios Education Foundation and founding board chairman of Expect More Arizona.  “What began as a vision of what could be, is now a reality and the impact they are making is significant.”  

Over the last ten years, Expect More Arizona has created a vision for education that is guiding much of the work that is being done today.  The organization has also created a strong pipeline of leaders, solid partnerships, and shared goals for the future and focuses on raising awareness and amplifying voices for the systemic changes needed in education.    

One of the most impactful things Expect More Arizona has done is to lead, in partnership with the Center for the Future of Arizona, the development of the Education Progress Meter which many organizations – including Helios – use to focus our work and collaborate toward shared goals.  The Education Progress Meter tells us where we stand as a state on issues ranging from access to quality early learning to postsecondary attainment and everything in between.  The goals and indicators have been adopted by state leaders and 45 local governments as well as incorporated into the strategic plans of school districts and other education-supporting organizations.  

“The Education Progress Meter helps to guide our investment strategies here at Helios,” said Vince Yanez, Senior Vice President of Arizona Community Engagement at Helios Education Foundation and board member of Expect More Arizona. “We appreciate Expect More Arizona’s leadership in help bring communities together to set these goals and monitor our progress toward reaching them.”  

Expect More Arizona has also taken a leadership role in developing a P-20 funding roadmap that aligns investments needed in education to the Education Progress Meter goals that have been embraced by our state. Individuals representing more than 80 education, business and community organizations across the state joined together to create the Roadmap, which represents consensus on the major investments needed in education by 2030. Coupled with effective instruction, policy, and strategy implementation, these investments will advance Arizona’s shared education goals and close persistent achievement gaps.

Helios is proud to partner with Expect More Arizona and congratulates them on celebrating their 10-year anniversary.  

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