Arizona Aims Higher

Author: Helios Education Foundation

February 6, 2014

Too few Arizona students graduate from high school prepared for college, career and life. Did you know that just 7 out of 10 students graduate, and of those who do, more than half don’t qualify to get into a state university? What’s more, 42 percent of employers say that their employees lack the basic skills needed to be successful in the workplace. 

It’s time to Aim Higher. It’s time we join thousands of educators and families across the state in supporting higher expectations for all children, so they are prepared for life after high school. It starts by making education a top priority in Arizona so that educators and children have the support they need. Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core) and an aligned assessment will raise expectations so all Arizona kids are prepared to succeed.
Helios Education Foundation supports the implementation of these standards and a new assessment.  As a member of the Arizona Public Engagement Task Force, we are supporting a new campaign called Arizona Aims Higher, to help parents, educators, community and business leaders learn more and to take action to support the standards and assessment.
We must work together to ensure that all students receive a world-class education in Arizona. Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards and an aligned assessment will help us get there.

Please sign up  to show your support. Visit to sign up and to learn more about how you can get involved.
Thanks for your passion for education in Arizona! With your help, we can provide all Arizona students with a world-class education.


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