Achieve60AZ Partners Discuss Arizona’s Attainment Goal On Horizon

Author: Helios Education Foundation

June 30, 2017

Currently, about 42 percent of Arizonans have some form of postsecondary degree or credential.    Research tells us that we must increase that number in order to secure our economic future and ensure opportunities for individuals to be successful.

As a result, an alliance of more than 60 community, business, philanthropic and education organizations recently launched Achieve60AZ which is focused on increasing the postsecondary degree attainment rate from 42 percent to 60 percent by 2030.  Helios is proud to support this effort as it is directly aligned with our commitment to ensuring that all students in Arizona and Florida have the opportunity to earn a postsecondary degree.
On June 14 on Arizona PBS’ news and public affairs program, Horizon, Christine Thompson, Project Director for Achieve60AZ and Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick, Chancellor of the Maricopa Community College District, discussed Achieve60AZ and some of the strategies being taken to reach 60 percent.  

Click below to watch the interview and learn more about Achieve60AZ.

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