A Hope for the Future

Author: Helios Education Foundation

January 3, 2014

"I aspire to contribute to the world through the worthwile pursuit of improving people's lives.  I plan to go to medical school and pursue a graduate degree so I can work as a doctor and still participate in scientific research."  Cambria Tevis, Helios TGen Scholar, Phoenix, Arizona  

The Helios Scholars Program at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is an annual summer internship program for 45 high school, undergraduate and graduate students in Arizona. The program helps cultivate new scientific and technical talent across the state.  Interns receive a stipend, are paired with a TGen scientist/mentor and are actively engaged in research projects in disorders as diverse as cancer, diabetes, autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

TGen's past summer interns boast an array of impressive accomplishments, including publishing scientific abstracts and peer-reviewed articles, gaining acceptance into medical and graduate school and winning scholarships and prizes.

Helios Education Foundation invested $6.5 million in the program, providing an endowment for 25 years. In addition to providing stipends, the endowment also funds an end-of-summer symposium where students present their work to their peers, TGen staff, family and guests. Additionally, the endowment provides six merit-based scholarships and supports several extra-curricular activities to encourage student interaction and learning.

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