What We Do

Advancing Academic Preparedness and Fostering a College-Going Culture Through Strategic Work in Arizona and Florida

Helios Education Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals in Arizona and Florida to succeed in postsecondary education. As a result, we strategically partner to ensure more students are academically prepared at every stage of the education continuum—from early learning through postsecondary education—and ultimately, graduate college and career ready. Committed to the success of all students, we are also working to embed a college-going culture across both states which emphasizes and facilitates the successful completion of a postsecondary license, certificate or degree for every student, leading to meaningful career opportunities and a high quality of life. As our work has developed over the past decade, we have focused our efforts on specific statewide strategies in both Arizona and Florida.

Arizona Latino Student Success Initiative

The changing demographic landscape indicates that Arizona has one of the largest and fastest growing Latino student populations in the nation. At 44 percent, Latinos make up the largest proportion of Arizona’s population of children and there are more Latino children than White children in the state’s public schools. However, our Latino students trail their state and national peers in academic performance and degree completion. It is clear that Arizona’s economic future is dependent on our ability to ensure all students, but especially Latino students, are prepared for success in college and career.

Through our Arizona Latino Student Success Initiative, Helios Education Foundation is committed to improving quality, access, and achievement across the P-20 education continuum, ultimately leading to more Latino students completing a postsecondary degree.

Florida Metropolitan Education Initiative


The long-term prosperity of Florida and its residents depends on a quality education system that effectively prepares its students for success in college, career, and life. Florida has been a national leader in improving student academic performance, yet first-generation, low-income, and minority students trail their white and more affluent peers in academic performance and degree completion. Through our Florida Metropolitan Education Initiative - focusing on the Tampa, Miami, and Orlando metropolitan areas - Helios has set out to improve quality, access, and achievement across the P-20 education continuum, ultimately leading to more first-generation, low-income, and minority students attaining a postsecondary degree.

  • Early Grade Success

    Strengthening early childhood systems to enable more Arizona and Florida children, birth through age eight, to enter kindergarten ready to succeed and be reading at grade level by the end of third grade.

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  • College & Career Readiness

    Facilitating rigorous high expectation academic environments, which help students successfully transition between the various stages of education, graduate prepared for college and career and foster the pursuit of postsecondary education.

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  • Postsecondary Completion

    Providing academic supports critical to student persistence and aligning systems to improve postsecondary degree or certificate attainment.

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Our Mission

To enrich the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education.

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